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HTC Classroom Presentations

A representative of HTC has prepared numerous presentations to entertain and educate students in the classroom. She will be glad to give any presentation to your class. View available programs below to
decide which ones you want your class to enjoy. Email or call Nicole Hyman at (843) 369-8498 to schedule
a presentation for your class.

911 Safety:

Time: approximately 30-45 minutes
It is important for students to know what to do in an emergency and the fastest way to get help is by dialing 911. Sometimes, calling 911 makes the difference between life and death. This presentation will help students understand how 911 works and when to use it. A 911 simulator will be used to demonstrate a
911 call. A 911 Training Dispatcher may be able to be a part of the presentation if schedule permits. The target audience is kindergarten to first grade students.

Careers in Telecommunications:

Time: approximately 30-45 minutes
Many people do not realize the numerous positions available for all educational levels in the telecommunications business. Beginning a career is a challenging experience, and this presentation introduces students to the several departments and jobs available at HTC. The students will receive handouts that ask them to identify their strengths and interests. Students will also receive sample
interview questions and topics. Volunteers will have the opportunity to participate in a live interview and the class decides if the student gets the job or not. The target audience is kindergarten to twelfth grade

Fiber Optics:

Time: approximately 30-45 minutes
Each strand of fiber optic cable is thinner than a human hair; a gossamer filament of glass can carry thousands of times as much information as copper telephone wire... This presentation about fiber optics describes what fiber optics are, the history of fiber optics, how sound is transmitted and much more. The Internet could not function without it, and the possibilities for it are endless. The target audience is ninth through twelfth grade students.

Telecommunications Industry:

Time: approximately 30 minutes
HTC is the area's local and total telecommunications company, and it is the nation's largest telephone cooperative. The industry is changing daily at a rapid pace. HTC offers local telephone services, business systems, data solutions, cable television, long distance, Internet access, web page design and hosting digital wireless services, paging and more. The target audience is twelfth grade students.

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