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Pledge to TXT L8R!

Pledge Cards:

The two-part pledge card asks for name & email for HTC tracking purposes and also has a pledge
reminder for the driver to keep which states: “I understand the dangers of texting while driving and want to
do my part to make our roads a safer place for myself and others. I pledge to always TXT L8R. Beginning now, I will not text while driving and will wear the thumb band as a reminder of my commitment.”

Thumb Bands:

The blue thumb bands have the TXT L8R message along with HTC/FOX.
“We are thrilled to connect with WFXB FOX TV on this new public service campaign that focuses on
reaching and encouraging local youth to think twice before texting and driving. HTC is extremely pleased to be one of the first telecommunications companies nationally and the first in the area to launch a campaign
of this kind and bring this positive life-saving message to our community about not texting while driving,”
said Tom Vitt, director of marketing at HTC.

“WFXB FOX TV is proud to be a part of bringing this powerful message to the viewers, and we believe each pledge and commitment is representative of lives saved on our local roads and highways,” says Rigby Wilson, vice president and general manager at WFXB FOX TV. “We invite viewers and local citizens alike to join with us to prevent future accidents from occurring. The ‘Arrive Alive, Text Later’ theme is such a simple message to understand and, with the obvious dangers of texting while driving, everyone should want to do their part and join the effort.”

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