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HTC REEL Kids 2016 - Kindergarten - 5th Grade Winners

Aynor Elementary - Peyton Richardson - 5th grade
She was nominated by her teacher, Mary Grainger.

"Peyton was diagnosed with epilepsy after a light show rendered her non-responsive. The seizures that Peyton struggles with are Atypical Absences – she does not convulse or pass out. There is a chance that Peyton may outgrow her seizures but until she does, Peyton is not able to operate any kind of motor vehicle, swim in deep water, or bathe unattended. Peyton has 5 seizures a week on average and they can last anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes. She takes 3000mg of prescription medication each day. Despite her circumstance, Peyton is a thriving young lady. She is member of the Aynor Elementary (AES) Page Turners Book Club and Amazing Artists Art Club. She is also a member of the Nebo Baptist Church Youth Group. Peyton has many friends and is well liked by all of her peers. She is a straight A student with a strong interest in Math. She is extremely kind hearted, hardworking, intelligent, and generous."

Burgess Elementary - John Lucsko - 5th grade
He was nominated by his teacher, Margaret Bounds.

"John Lucsko is an inspiration and role model for the Burgess Elementary School students and community because he exemplifies each life skill that most people strive to achieve in their lifetime. John suffered last March, for weeks, through a sudden onset of painful symptoms that made each day in school more and more difficult to endure. In spite of feeling so poorly, he persevered and did his personal best to keep achieving his high academic standards and contributing as a leader in his classes and on our recycling team. He was diagnosed with stage III Burkitt Lymphoma which is the fastest growing human tumor. He suffered many surgeries, complications, infections, and extremely intensive chemotherapy treatments for five months in a hospital. Through all of John's worries, pain, isolation, and infections that kept him in the hospital, he never lost his enchanting sense of humor and remained courageously positive as he persevered to amaze the doctors! John has returned to school this fall and as he strengthens, he looks forward to joining clubs and seizing every moment of each day going forward. He is looked to by students and staff as a positive role model and leader in all encounters with him."

Sadly, John Lucsko passed away unexpectedly at his home on Saturday, April 30, 2016. He is dearly missed.

Carolina Forest Elementary - Talia Mancini - 4th grade
She was nominated by her teacher, Emily Payne.

"Talia Mancini comes from a very loving and supportive family consisting of her mom, dad, and older brother. Despite the hardships of her mom having stage IV cancer and her dad working as a mariner, which causes him to be away for weeks at a time, Talia still seems to come to school and persevere. Academically, Talia has maintained grades strong enough to make the honors list and her performance qualified her for participation in both the Duke TIP and John Hopkins Talent search programs. Due to her mom's health issues, sometimes Talia is left to do her homework with less assistance than others, yet she never complains or makes excuses for not doing what needs to be done. Talia is a very caring child. She sticks up for other kids that she sees being picked on. If she sees something happening that she feels is not right, she is not afraid to step in and say so."

Conway Elementary - Mar'Juean Lowe - 4th grade
He was nominated by his teacher, Ashley Smith.

"Mar'Juean Lowe has demonstrated his leadership through his unfailing positive attitude. No matter what challenges he faces, he rises to the occasion. As an individual with cerebral palsy, he encounters many challenges both academically and physically; but rather succumb to them, he, without fail, accepts them. With a smile on his face, he puts forth every effort in all he does. He not only inspires his schoolmates but also the adults who have the pleasure of working with him."

Daisy Elementary - Lonna Pelton - 5th grade
She was nominated by her teacher, Joni Jackson.

"Lonna Pelton was born legally blind and with many other health issues; one being a social anxiety called "selective mutism." Lonna has always said that the scariest thing to do in life would be to talk. In third grade, Lonna was given the option to read aloud and she took the opportunity to do so. Her teacher was so proud of her, she began to cry. Lonna has been in gift and talented classes since third grade and is an all A student. She does not let her blindness or other issues get in the way. She is a wonderful role model to students and teachers alike. Lonna Pelton is able to overcome her many obstacles to be a successful citizen."

Forestbrook Elementary - Ainsley Jordan - 5th grade
She was nominated by her teacher, Kim Inman.

"During the time Ainsley Jordan has been at Forestbrook Elementary, she has demonstrated what a responsible, caring, friendly, and remarkable girl she is. Ainsley was diagnosed with Type I diabetes at the age of five and has learned how to live with this disease in a positive way. At the beginning of each year, she educates her classmates about diabetes because she knows they will have questions about the backpack full of potentially life-saving supplies that she wears at all times. She answers their questions about why she has to be careful about what she eats and her frequent monitoring visits to the nurse. Ainsley does not let her medical issues hold her back from participating in school and community activities. She is a junior lifeguard, a member of the school chorus, and enjoys jump roping and archery. She is well known to students and staff as a positive role model for all and a joy to know!"

Green Sea Floyds Elementary - Martina Floyd - 1st grade
She was nominated by her school counselor, Hanna Smith.

"Martina Floyd is a first grade student who always comes to school with a smile on her face, despite her physical challenges. She was born with her foot and leg but at 15 months, doctors chose to amputate part of her foot due to her leg not growing at the same rate as the other. He doctors do not know the cause of her disability, but Martina isn't worried about it! Thanks to the Shriner's Hospital, she has a prosthetic leg that keeps her mobile. She is a happy child who does not let her disability define her or get her down."

Homewood Elementary - Jenna Fursaan - 4th grade
She was nominated by her teacher, Wendy Todd.

"Jenna Fursaan is a hard worker. Despite her struggles in the area of reading and math, she puts forth her best effort and pushes herself to learn each day. This is a huge improvement from her past. In the past, Jenna displayed behaviors that would keep her from being able to complete work. These behaviors were keeping her from succeeding academically. Currently, Jenna is thriving in her academic groups. She is showing great improvements in her grades and her work ethic. She is very enthusiastic to learn at school, and it shows through her smile when she knows she has learned to do something new. Jenna is learning ways to deal with her frustration on her own. She is showing great improvements in her academics because she is overcoming her behavioral issues at school."

Kingston Elementary - Garrik Sumter - 3rd grade
He was nominated by his school counselor, Martina Moore.

"Garrik Sumter has proven himself as a leader at Kingston Elementary School in the face of medical obstacles and a recent tragedy. On May 27, 2011 Garrik underwent surgical procedures at MUSC for Chiari Malformation. During the healing process, he was required to wear leg braces to school each day because he had a limp on his left side. He never let those braces or his limp hold him back! He participated in all activities as if he was not wearing them, just like everyone else. He eventually graduated from braces to special shoes he wears to school each day. He runs, walks, and interacts normally with his peers in all activities. In May 2015, Garrik's family experienced a terrible tragedy with the unexpected death of his father. Although the death of his father had a major impact on the entire community, Garrik kept his focus. He continued to be the social butterfly, excel in academics, and maintained a positive attitude. He has a great personality as is evident by his many friends and he is a friend to all, teachers and students alike.

Lakewood Elementary - Trae Altman - 5th grade
He was nominated by his school counselor, Wanda Cart.

"Trae Altman lost his father last year. It was a sudden and unexpected loss. Although Trae was incredibly sad at the time, he continued to show a strong work ethic and remained active outside of school. He demonstrates great courage and is truly a leader among his peers. His outgoing personality and positive attitude are inspiring to those who know him."

Loris Elementary - Racquez Johnson - 5th grade
He was nominated by his school counselor, Willette Spann.

"Although Racquez has health issues, he is a role model to all his classmates. He completes his assignments to the best of his ability, helps others, works well during group work and is very respectful. His smile lights up the room. He is a star student who is always ready to learn."

Midland Elementary - Gracie Ford - 3rd grade
She was nominated by her teacher, Charlotte Jones.

"Gracie Ford is a delightful little girl with a compassionate, friendly personality that makes her an easy and loyal friend. A natural leader in the classroom, she is observant and quick to action when others need help. No one would guess behind that sweet, eager smile, Midland's HTC REEL Kid battles against a genetic disorder, Neurofibromatosis, which disturbs cell growth in the nervous system causing tumors to grow on nerve tissue. For our little Super Jacket, these growths occur in her brain with one of the latest tumors near a nerve that could eventually disturb her vision. Yet, nothing stops our determined little Gracie. After experiencing some medical issues and academic regression as a result of the illness, Gracie has come back stronger than ever! She has worked extremely hard during summer dedicating her own time to attend a reading program and as a result has made great academic gains. She is now on grade level! As a hard-working leader with a fun and candid personality, Gracie exemplifies what it means to overcome a tough situation and smile her way to success!!"

Myrtle Beach Elementary - Jaylen Kelly - 3rd grade
He was nominated by his teacher, Tynesha James.

"Jaylen Kelly was diagnosed with Type I diabetes. Even with his condition, he managed to be above grade level and placed in the gifted and talented program for math. Some days can be hard for Jaylen but, he still manages to push through and get work done on time. Jaylen is a very good friend and great leader at Myrtle Beach Elementary. He has worked hard to keep up his grades and manage his diabetes."

Myrtle Beach Intermediate - Zoey Lee-Ward - 5th grade
She was nominated by her school counselor, Charlisa Morris.

"Zoey Lee-Ward is a sweet, caring child who is always eager to help and please. She tries to always help her fellow students and teachers. She has been staying with her grandparents for three years after being separated from her parents but she has worked hard to achieve good grades. She has a very gentle heart and always shows kindness and volunteers to help at school, home, and church. Even though Zoey and her sisters have been through some serious turmoil with her parent's situation and grandmother now battling stage IV kidney cancer, she continues to excel, grow and be strong. The church provides strength to her and she enjoys her teachers and fellow students."

Myrtle Beach Primary - Joe Iriarte - 1st grade
He was nominated by his teacher, Lilly Carroll.

"Joe Iriarte struggled to learn his native language so he started school with practically no language. Joe craves knowledge and wants to learn. He will try it until he gets it right. He is a unique learner. He approached all topics in a way different that I have ever seen. He overcame serious frustration to get to a point where he can express when he needs a different demonstration. He started speech/language services and within two weeks, he started speaking in complete, first person sentences. Due to his unique learning style and language delays, he started talking but only spoke in third person. When Joe started school he was a "blank slate" and for reasons we cannot explain, he was not able to learn or figure out his parent's native language. They worked hard to learn English, but Joe basically started school with no way to communicate. Joe had and continues to learn a language, overcome his neurological differences, work on his speech and language delays, and grow socially and academically. He is an inspiration to all."

Ocean Bay Elementary - Matthew Douglas - 1st grade
He was nominated by his teacher, Leigh Anne Bane.

"Matthew Douglas's mom passed away this past July. He has such a big heart. He loves nothing more than to help his classmates or teacher. Matthew puts the needs of others before his own needs. He takes great pride in his class work and always does his personal best."

Ocean Drive Elementary - Clinch Permenter - 4th grade
He was nominated by his teacher, Brooke Campbell.

"Clinch Permenter has been diagnosed with ITP, Immune Thrombocytopenia, which is an auto-immune disease in which the body mounts an attack against platelets. He was diagnosed at age two, but it became a chronic problem as he entered second grade. Without a sufficient amount of platelets, a person may have spontaneous bleeding or bruises. When platelets are low, there can be fatigue. Often there are activities that Clinch may not be able to participate in due to possible contact or bumping that can cause bleeding. There is no known cause of cure for ITP. Chinch has treatments to maintain platelets. These are often painful and uncomfortable. Through all of the ups and downs, inconsistencies, and often painful procedures, Clinch is a happy, positive friend to all at Ocean Drive Elementary School. Students, staff, and other parents love him so much. He brings the best out in all of us. He is funny, upbeat, and encouraging to others. He sometimes misses quite a bit of school due to his medical needs, yet he does his best to make up work and give his personal best. He wants to be in school and with friends as much as possible. His ITP is an obstacle for him, yet he still strives to do his best and be a great friend to everyone. Chinch is a leader to others because of his attitude and his concern for others. In the midst of him going through hard times, he lifts others up while we should be doing that for him. He is overcoming a chronic illness and leading the way for others as he does so!"

Palmetto Bays Elementary - Madelyn Hamric - 5th grade
She was nominated by her teacher, Shelia Tomlin.

"Madelyn is a very sweet, smart, and loving little girl who has had to persevere daily with an extreme case of eczema. She has the brightest little smile you have ever seen and no matter how much she is suffering she always smiles. I met Madelyn last year, my first year as principal and I knew from the beginning what a sweet, special, little girl she was. Some days she is in so much pain she can barely walk and last year she spent a good portion of her time in a wheelchair because of the sores on her feet and legs. She is a model student, good friend to her classmates, extra special big sister, and a valuable member of the Palmetto Bays Elementary Wolfpack!"

Pee Dee Elementary - Kelly Martin - 5th grade
She was nominated by her teacher, Mike Skipper.

"At age 2, Kelly Martin was diagnosed with a severe milk allergy. By the time she began kindergarten, her stomach problems had worsened which limited her participation in any school activities/parties. These limitations extended to her PE classes and recess because her bones were weak. She wasn't allowed to climb, do cartwheels, etc. along with her friends. Beginning in 3rd grade, Kelly went through two years of lab work, blood work, and in 4th grade was confined to her home for one week because her immune system was so weak. During this time, her appetite was gone so she wasn't eating which caused a dramatic weight loss. Beginning last year, Kelly began going to her doctor at Conway Hospital every three months for monitoring. She goes to MUSC every six months for continued lab work/blood work. All through her illness, Kelly has loved school and would get dressed every morning, begging her mom to take her. She is currently enrolled in the Gifted and Talented program at Pee Dee and last year she won 1st place in the county's Technology Fair."

River Oaks Elementary - James Kriebel - 5th grade
He was nominated by his teacher, Donald Durham.

"James has not grown up in the exact "fairy-tale story" life that we all hope for. He has had every right and opportunity to call it quits and just skate on by in life. Something in James' head and heart that sparked a heated fire and love for learning. Due to hard work and a 24-point increase in his math map score. James has moved into a higher math class in which he definitely excels to see improvement every day. The quality and complexity of his writing has also improved tremendously. If his academic growth wasn't enough, James has become a wonderful leader and young man in and outside of the school. For someone that has not experienced all of the most pleasant of situations and that has experienced just as much negativity as positivity (if not more), to show constant compassion, helpfulness, and integrity is a phenomenal thing."

Riverside Elementary - Miracle Hill - 3rd grade
She was nominated by her school counselor, Felecia Bellamy.

"Miracle Hill is a very special little girl. Miracle has found ways to adapt, learn and to be successful that show amazing potential, perseverance and ingenuity. Miracle does not depend on others, but works hard to find the answer herself. She has adapted so well this year, that she is progressing academically, and often, because of her nurturing and kind disposition, loves to help others when they struggle. Miracle is a friend to all. No matter the circumstances, Miracle finds that time to smile, is the first to help and always uses great manners. When giving constructive feedback, she is open minded and really seems to apply the life principles she is being told. She is not defensive, but always seems open and thankful for guidance. Miracle's mindset is what is most impressive. She's not stuck in making excuses for herself. If it's hard, she will find a way and if she doesn't know she'll ask. She knows she hasn't "arrived" but she also seems to know, that she's not where she's been; she's growing and on the right path."

Seaside Elementary - Colton Brown - 5th grade
He was nominated by his school counselor, Nicole Blum.

"As soon as I met Colton I knew he was a special young man. He has a smile that captures your heart and an attitude that earns your respect. He is always willing to do what is asked of him and to do it using his personal best. Not only has his attitude toward his work made him a winner in my eyes but his classmates think he is terrific too. His condition is scoliosis."

Socastee Elementary - Ethan Cast - 1st grade
He was nominated by his teacher, Melody Adams.

"Ethan Cast exemplifies what it means to overcome obstacles and exceed expectations. It was clear to Ethan's parents from a young age that Ethan's life would be different. When Ethan was a year old his mother was concerned because he could only say one word. When he was 18 months old he was given some speech tests and was later diagnosed with Apraxia of speech. This is a neurogenic communication disorder that affects the motor programming system for speech production. Individuals with Apraxia of Speech have difficulty with speech production, specifically with forming sounds. It was also discovered that Ethan is one of the many children that have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Ethan has been receiving services since he was 18 months old and has to work very hard to keep pace with his peers. Despite the challenges that he faces Ethan always has a smile on his face and is eager to make friends everywhere he goes. Now instead of using sign language specifically for needs and wants Ethan is able to communicate with his peers and adults. Ethan has come so far in his time and Socastee Elementary School. We are so proud of all that he has accomplished and are excited to see what the future holds for him."

South Conway Elementary - Autumn Rogers - 5th grade
She was nominated by her school counselor, Bernetta Sanders.

"Autumn Rogers personifies "perseverance." Autumn is a very sweet, dedicated, responsible, confident and loving girl. At South Conway she was a speech student as well as a resource student. She had numerous articulation errors that affected her speech intelligibility and difficulty in the areas of reading and writing. During her time in speech, she was always on time, completed all activities, was motivated to correct her error sounds and never allowed other students to ridicule her speech. If she could not be understood, she would find a way to make the listener aware of what she was saying. Autumn was a good role model for other speech students that were struggling with correct production of sounds. She would continuously encourage students and tell them to keep working hard! No matter what obstacle she always has kept a smile on her face and a positive attitude towards learning from her mistakes. Autumn has now been dismissed from speech therapy and resource. We are so proud of the perseverance that Autumn has displayed. She is the proof that persistence, perseverance and determination will overcome."

St. James Elementary - Carter Fisher - 3rd grade
He was nominated by his teacher, Marie Stoddard.

"Carter Fisher has shown extraordinary perseverance in overcoming the obstacles that have interfered with his speech and learning. He is always pleasant and kind to everybody he meets. He always has a smile on his face. Carter is very patient especially when others do not understand him. He will do everything he can to help you understand. When you do correct him, he will practice until he gets it correct. Carter has blossomed in his reading and math. He has taken control of his own learning and putting forth his best effort. He absorbs everything and loves to learn. Carter shows his leadership skills by always behaving in class and always being prepared to work. He always makes sure his peers are ready to learn."

Waccamaw Elementary - Janelle Hughes - 3rd grade
She was nominated by her teacher, Bridgett Beeson.

"Janelle Hughes comes from a home with two autistic siblings. She was struggling with grade level work. This year Janelle has worked very hard to improve. She is a self-starter and enjoys helping other students. She will explain to them how to figure out the answer. Janelle is very hard working and overcomes obstacles while being a sweet and caring person."

Waterway Elementary - Serenity Alford - 3rd grade
She was nominated by her school counselor, Laurie Hickman

"Serenity Alford's family lost their house and all its contents due to the floods. She has been a tower of strength during this time of distress. She has maintained her academic performance, shared her stories with others and continued to strive to do her personal best. Serenity Alford is an example of determination and dedication through difficult times."

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