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HTC REEL Kids 2016 - 6th - 8th Grade Winners

Aynor Middle - Clayton Hatcher - 8th grade
He was nominated by his teacher, Scott Lefke.

"Clayton Hatcher is an outstanding student who displays great character through his kindness and compassion expressed to all others. He works hard in the classroom and has been a member of the Aynor Middle School Chorus for three years. Most people would never know or guess the obstacles he deals with every day. Clayton has been dealing with a growth issue since he was very young. This growth problem causes him joint and bone pain and requires medication for pain management. This issue has also impacted his fine motor skills. Some days he finds using his hands to be a great challenge. Holding a pencil can be painful which makes it difficult to write, and he needs assistance with the combination lock on his locker. Clayton started receiving physical therapy when he was seven years old, and he continues therapy today to help him cope with the issues he faces. Through all of this, it is not unusual to see Clayton with a smile on his face and a cheerful disposition and the determination to work hard to get good grades in school. Clayton is a great role model to his fellow students as well as our staff."

Black Water Middle - Jasmine Flores - 8th grade
She was nominated by her teacher, Osagie Ehigie.

"Jasmine Flores is an amazing young lady who embodies resiliency. Despite many personal challenges including the loss of her mother and abuse, she is determined to be a fighter rather than a victim. She comes to school daily with a smile and a determined attitude. She is a real asset to Black Water Middle School. "

Conway Middle - Garrey Sumter - 8th grade
He was nominated by school counselor, Becky Wallace.

"It is impressive to see how Garrey Sumter has handled and overcome the adversity and challenge in his life. Garrey is a student-athlete. He takes accelerated classes while playing two sports (football and basketball) at Conway Middle School. He is a humble and hardworking individual that wants to do his best at all times in everything he does. He cares about his family and wants to impress them at all times by his behavior, his academics, and his athletic accomplishments. Garrey's father was shot and killed during the middle of Garrey's 7th grade school year. This was devastating to this young man and his family. Garrey looked up to his father so much. Garrey had to miss two weeks of school because of how hard it was on him. With missing all that time, Garry still continued to do well in his class maintaining A and B Honor Roll. Garrey has not allowed this tragedy and continues to lead by example for his fellow students."

Forestbrook Middle - Nathinn Nichols - 7th grade
He was nominated by his principal, April Scott and his assistant principal Olga Toggas.

"Nathinn Nichols has made strides since coming to Forestbrook Middle School (FMS) in not only his academics but also in his personal/social aspects. Nathinn has mild intellectual disability in which he struggled in elementary school with behavior and being able to focus on his academics. Now, as a 7th grader, Nathinn has a huge heart and cares for his classmates. He has become a mentor and group leader with the small groups conducted by the Autism services. Nathinn has a knack for working with students that have disabilities and is able to see their struggle, relate to them and assist them when possible. His Math teacher, Mrs. Rucci, said "He is a bundle of happiness, like the happiest kid you've ever met." Nathinn is also a leader and team player on the football field where he plays for Horry County Recreation. It is a breath of fresh air to see Nathinn every day at school and to be able to see not only his love and perseverance in his academics but also how much he truly cares about the other students in and out of the classroom."

Green Sea Floyds Middle - Winter Rae Cox - 8th grade
She was nominated by her school counselor, Kate Diana.

"Winter Cox was diagnosed with spina bifida at birth. Due to her spina bifida, she has one leg that is shorter than the other. She wears a right brace on her leg to help correct this. Winter has undergone countless surgeries since her birth. She misses school for doctor visits often but is always eager to make up any missed work. Despite all of her obstacles, Winter is an A/B student as well as a Junior Beta member. She is always happy and pleasant to be around. She is truly a great student to work with.

Loris Middle - Jackie Vargas - 8th grade
She was nominated by her teacher, Marge Laporte.

"Jackie Vargas is a vibrant, friendly 8th grader who is the epitome of Loris P.R.I.D.E. and a model of perseverance and integrity. When Jackie was in my class, she struggled with science concepts. She was very concerned about her grades and was attentive in class. She sacrificed after school help to fulfill her obligation to the care of her brother, who has severe learning disabilities. It is Jackie's responsibility to meet, help him off the bus each day, and assist in his care. Last year Jackie lost her older sister to ovarian cancer. Jackie's responsibilities grew "two feet" that year, when her niece took permanent residency in her household. Despite the tragedies in her life, Jackie has maintained passing grades, a bright spirit, and continuous encouragement of her peers to be kind to others. Jackie Vargas demonstrates leadership in her school, in her home, and in her community."

Myrtle Beach Middle - Iysis Rutledge - 7th grade
She was nominated by her teacher, Jessica Lewis.

"Iysis Rutledge moved to Myrtle Beach from Georgetown during her 6th grade year, when Iysis's mother wanted to provide a more stable and better life for her family. During all the moving Iysis became a star student at Myrtle Beach Middle school. As her counselor, I enrolled her into honor's classes and she maintained the A honor roll. Iysis also was awarded the Covey student of the week because she always stands up for other students that are being bullied. Iysis is a proven leader at Myrtle Beach Middle. She has not let her previous living conditions affect her at school. Iysis dreams of going to college and with her hard work and perseverance she feels she will be able to do great things.

North Myrtle Beach Middle - Shaq Buck - 7th grade
He was nominated by his school counselor, Julie Gore.

"Shaq Buck is an awesome student, loves school, and loves to sing more than anything. He lost his father to an unidentified cause. Also his home burned again and his family lost everything including the memories of his father.

Ocean Bay Middle - Monica Herbel - 6th grade
She was nominated by her teacher, Joe Goodwin.

"Monica and her family have had a very difficult year. Near the beginning of the school year her cousin was murdered and a couple of months later her father passed away unexpectedly. Her family has been having a very difficult time since then. However, Monica comes to school every day with a smile on her face ready to face the challenges of middle school. She always has a kind word for her fellow classmates and teachers. She is a joy to have as a member of our Ocean Bay Middle family.

St. James Middle - Daniel Gilstrap - 8th grade
He was nominated by his school nurse, Kim Martin.

"Over the past year Daniel has faced overwhelming obstacles. He has a medical illness that has now confined him to a wheelchair. He is an inspiration not only to staff but also to the students as well. He does not want to be in special classes or have special treatment. He is in regular class every day. He does not want to be on medical homebound. He would rather be right here at SJMS! With as normal as a life as he can have, Daniel can be seen sitting in his wheelchair being pushed by a staff member. He can't push himself due to health reasons; with a smile on his face and an obvious desire to learn and grow each and every day. He deserves without a doubt to be an HTC REEL Kid.

Whittemore Park Middle - Sierra Strickland - 8th grade
She was nominated by her school counselor, Margie Gordyk.

"Sierra Strickland is an amazing student. Her ability to remain focused throughout her middle school years is nothing short of a miracle. Over the past years, she has moved from house to house, from one guardian to another, and often times not knowing where or when her mother would return. Sierra's only relief came as the times that her mom was incarcerated, because then she knew her mother was safe. Sierra remembers the days when her mother was loving and attentive: but due to the poor choices she made in her life, Sierra's world was like living inside a tornado with no escape. Sierra has been an honor roll student throughout her four years at Whittemore Park Middle. She had to repeat 7th grade because of her attendance, due to no fault of her own. Now, she is living with a loving family and is smiling bigger than ever. Her contagious smile and positive attitude over the last four years are an inspiration. She is also well liked by her peers and her teachers. It is quite common to see her reaching out to another student giving a compliment, or helping with school work. Sierra is a true example of determination and perseverance

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