• REEL KIDS 2016

  • K - 5th Grade Winners

  • 6th - 8th Grade Winners

  • 9th - 12th Grade Winners     2016



HTC is excited to work with Horry County Schools for the 15th consecutive year through a program that recognizes outstanding student accomplishments. HTC REEL Kids (Recognizing Extraordinary Examples
of Leadership) is designed to showcase students in Horry County Schools, primary through high school, who have proven their leadership abilities through scholastic, athletic, and community achievements in the face of recent obstacles or extenuating circumstances.

For example, there may be a student who has experienced the loss of a parent, but he/she continues to strive academically or remain active in the community. These students have overcome obstacles and now exhibit significant leadership qualities.

School Guidance Counselors work with teachers and principals to nominate students from each school. HTC features a student from each school along with his/her guidance counselor or teacher on RiverTalk. This show airs each Friday on HTC Digital Cable channel 4 at 1:00 PM, 4:00 PM, and 7:00 PM, and at 7:30 AM on WWMB-CW-21, HTC Digital Cable channel 16. The television interview is an integral part of the REEL Kids program.

Photo - Nicole Hyman, host, and Nat Adams, director, pause to take photo after the interview with Ocean Bay Middle REEL Kid, Ryan Venazio. Ryan’s teacher, Candace Hamilton, is also included in the photo. 

At the end of the school year, HTC hosts a recognition ceremony in honor of the HTC REEL Kids award recipients. Students, parents, teachers and guidance counselors are invited to celebrate together. HTC is proud to support Horry County Schools through various resources and financial contributions. REEL Kids is another way for HTC to reach out to Horry County students to help them receive recognition from their peers, schools and families.

If you have any questions regarding applicant criteria, please feel free to call Nicole Hyman, REEL Kids Program Coordinator and Host, at 369-8498.

Since 2001, HTC has confirmed a local connection to the community by hosting the HTC REEL Kids program to honor students who may otherwise be overlooked.  These students are worthy of recognition
for their outstanding leadership qualities that have helped them through special circumstances.  All
schools in Horry County, grades primary through 12th, were encouraged to participate by nominating an extraordinary student, and for the tenth year, all Horry County Schools are represented.

“When we receive the nominations from the schools and read about the trials these young people have endured, we are humbled,” said Mike Hagg, HTC Chief Executive Officer.  “These REEL Kids have
struggled through physical disabilities, learning disabilities, and loss of loved ones, disease, emotional problems, abuse, abandonment and so much more.  The most remarkable fact is that the REEL Kids
have overcome what some would have seen as stumbling blocks.” 

The HTC REEL Kids program began in the fall of 2000 and was created to recognize one student per
school who has overcome a significant obstacle in their life.  Guidance counselors were asked to
nominate these students and one child from each school in Horry County was awarded the HTC REEL
Kids award.  The nomination form also asked the counselor to describe how the nominee has proven him/herself through scholastic, athletic and community achievements in the face of obstacles or
extenuating circumstances. 
The guidance counselor and principal signed off on the information provided, and the parent/guardian
gave permission for all personal and academic information to be released publicly by HTC in its efforts to recognize and describe award winners for this honor.   

As part of becoming an HTC REEL Kid, each child along with his/her teacher, principal or guidance counselor was interviewed for an HTC REEL Kids segmentthat airs each week during the local talk show, RiverTalk.  Each child’s inspiring story of overcoming adversity was shared during the interview. 

“The REEL Kids program is one way HTC connects with the community and is always a highlight of the
year for us at HTC.  We are amazed at the amount of maturity these children possess and can see how tough times have made them stronger.  During the interviews, the REEL Kids give advice to those who are going through difficult situations and urge others above all to never give up,” continued Hagg.

HTC is proud to help share these inspirational stories with the community. For more information
concerning the HTC REEL Kids Awards, please contact Nicole Hyman, HTC Senior Marketing Coordinator,
at 369-8498 or 902-3838.

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